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Hi! I’m Moose, a writer & designer based in Boston. I make agency owners, coaches, and course sellers become bestselling authors on Amazon & Kindle, giving them unbeatable social proof.

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Instant credibility to dozens of agencies and coaches

Working with people and brands all over the world to increase their social recognition:



Stock/Crypto Traders

Business Coaches/Consultants

Fitness Influencers

27+ people I’ve worked with

What Do Alex Hormozi, Grant Cardone, & Gary Vee have in common?

They're ALL bestsellers.

Alex Hormozi

Hormozi's "100M OFFERS" has given him infinite social proof and allows him to be a titan in the business coaching world.

Grant Cardone

Cardone's book not only provides value, but serves as a HIGH CONVERTING lead magnet.

Gary Vee

Crush It!" serves as good social proof due to its popularity, showcasing his success in entrepreneurship and personal branding.

You can JOIN them!

Thankfully, this social proof method is unsaturated, and puts you amongst the big players in the industry.
Features included :
No hidden fees. No surprises
Everything done-for-you
Fast turnaround
Unsaturated - get in now!
Name recognition with biggest online marketplace
You keep $$$ from sales
Paid PR Articles
Reality :
Everyone knows articles on news sites are pay-to-play
HIGHLY saturated
No $$$ from sales

The Amazon Advantage


While everyone is paying to be on Forbes, very few have tapped into the potential of Amazon for social proof (yet...)


Everyone we've worked with has become a bestseller within 30 days. Not a single refund has been necessary.


People JUST in the US have Amazon Prime accounts. Ranksellr will give you unmatched name recognition.

How it works:

We learn about YOU!

We will go through your service and come up with a strategy that will ensure you get "Bestseller" status on Amazon. Your book will establish your authority in your niche, so it needs to be done right.

If you are accepted: Congrats! You are about to gain UNFAIR social proof that very few of your competitors will be able to match.

If you aren't accepted: That's ok. You can apply again on the 1st of every month.

Crafting the PERFECT authority

Our team of experienced American writers will work to ghost-write your book, ensuring that your voice and ideas are captured perfectly on the page. Your book will also serve as a lead magnet to your business!

Once the writing is complete, our talented designers will get to work on creating a stunning cover that will make your book stand out on the digital shelves. We'll work with you to ensure that the cover captures the essence of your book and appeals to your target audience.
Perfect English - no cheap writers who can't write nicely
Excellent copywriting - your book can lead to more clients
Niche specific - dominate your industry

Amazon has accepted your book!

We will set up your Amazon Publishing account for you (so you make $ from sales) and list it with proper SEO and descriptions to make it grow organically.

Get ready. At this point, you are getting close to having social proof that only industry titans can compete with...
SEO friendly descriptions - rank in search!
Optimized set-up for maximum exposure
You keep all the $ from your sales - Cha Ching!

Where the magic happens

We’ll promote your book to our network and across the internet, making sure your book starts charting.

Nobody will know you didn't even write the book. Just sit back and let us do the heavy lifting ūüėé
Promoted to our secret network
We will run campaigns to get eyeballs on your book
100% success rate

You did it!

Not long after making your purchase, you will be getting that coveted email from Amazon congratulating you for doing it!

You are now an Amazon Bestseller! Use this to your advantage when doing your marketing. People will trust you MUCH more now that you have this status to show.
Authority established
100x Your trust
You are in the top 1% of coaches & consultants in the eyes of consumers

Find the perfect plan for you

Completely Done For You - Sit Back And Relax

Book written AND Designed by us
Written as a lead magnet for your program/course/etc.
100% Guaranteed
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Already Have a Book? We'll Make It a Bestseller

High ranking in your niche
You keep $$$ from sales
Promoted to our secret network
100% Guaranteed
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3 Ways to Apply

To apply: fill out this form, send me an email, or message me on Twitter. You will get an answer within 24-48 hours.

Please Note: In order to keep the method unsaturated and sustainable, only 5 applications will be accepted per month. If you are rejected, you will be considered for the next month.

Apply Here:

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Frequently asked questions

What is the guarantee?

We will get you "Bestseller" status on Amazon/Kindle within 30 days. If we fail to do so (hasn't happened yet) you will get 100% of your money back AND an Amazon Gift Card on top. We will literally PAY you if we can't fulfil our promise. That's how confident we are.

What are the benefits of being a Bestseller?

Being a bestseller sets you apart from the sea of other coaches and consultants out there. Right now people are paying for placements in Forbes and other publications, but people are catching onto the fact that it is pay-to-play.

Amazon is completely untapped at the moment, meaning you can be one of the first to flex your status on your prospects, who will be WOW'd.

Highlighting your status as a bestseller and linking your book (which can be written as a lead magnet) can be an EXTREMELY power start to your funnel as you prospect potential clients.

Will anyone know I used Ranksellr?

Nope. Your book will be ghostwritten as if it was you doing the writing, and our promo team works with 100% discretion. Nobody will ever know :)

Can I have multiple books promoted?

Of course. Discounts will be provided to all orders of multiple book placements. If that is something you are interested in, leave a comment about it in your application.

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